This is what spring looks like at the Hard Fifty Farm: 

Yesterday, woke up, fed and watered all the animals and kids, scrambled to get house ready for company, had 2 hour Pioneers Press staff meeting. Ran to drop off orders at the Post Office, hit Home Depot (lightbulbs, garbage bags, California poppy seed impulse buy), grocery store (eggplant and chocolate, why does all sandwich bread have f’ing soy in it?!), and swung by the library book sale to look for good DIY books. Ate plain bolillos in the car for lunch (4 for $1) on the way back to the farm. 

Checked and answered email. Try to call Thad who’s off in NC for the Mother Earth News Fair, but my service is disconnected. Weeded one of the vegetable plots. Planted snap peas, turnips, 2 kinds of beets, carrots and radishes. Watered beans, corn, and quinoa by hand because the irrigation system is busted. Sun down. Did evening farm chores with Liam’s help: everyone fed and watered and into coops and barns. Inside for eggplant sandwiches. Start movie about the Beats, but the jazz scene inspires the kids and they start screaming and dancing on the table. Stop movie. Start bedtime routine. 

Adam gives kids their bath while I pack up books and zines for Prairie Village Earth Fair and It’s a Beautiful Day shop in KC. Get kids into pjs, finish reading Liam’s first chapter book, “Peter Pan.” Get kids to sleep. 

Make sugar cookies from scratch. Finish packing up books. Watch “Kill Your Darlings” with Adam while making buttons for the fair. Adam goes to bed, I stay up and watch “Beat” and keep making buttons. At 5am, take bath and read latest issue of Utne Reader. Get out, make some notes for the new issue of my Hard Fifty Farm zine. Go to bed at 6am, wake up at 10am to Marc Saviano coming back from fair for more supplies. Start farm chores again …

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